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We developed a methodology to ensure we could express your uniqueness in our creative productions.



What is special about you

You are unique. Your reality, your organization and your colleagues are unique. So we had to develop a methodology to ensure we could express your uniqueness in our creative productions.

We tested and experimented different models and processes that help us to catch the essence of your briefing. We asked ourselves if there were any magic way that could allow us generate unique creative proposals, that hits our clients in the guts with certainty?

We ended up with the two-sides briefing theory.

Technical briefing

People understand the word briefing often only in a technical point of view. What support, which format, what deliverables, what objectives… The technical briefing is obviously a key point of any project.

But a list of technical specifications can end up generating very different products. Take two famous paintings: Le Cirque Medrano from Fernand Léger and Au Crique Fernando from Toulouse Lautrec. Technically, both can be described as works of art created by applying paint, pigment, or other coloring agents to a flat surface such as canvas, paper, or board and depicting a show in a circus. But they look radically different and the impact they have on you is different too.

The difference stands in both the artists’ interpretations and your emotional way of receiving the message.

Emotional briefing

The difference stands in emotions. Because emotions are personal, unique and genuine. We believe our creative process should play with emotions so we can generate proposals that tell more authentical stories.

That’s why emotional briefing takes so much importance in our creative process: understanding our client’s reality, challenges, objectives; grabbing insight on who is around the table, what are everyone expectations and agenda; understanding what people say, but also focusing on why they say it. We try to focus on human beings; understanding what they need, what they like and above all what they find unique about their organization, their work, their team.

Therefore, in complement to the elaboration of a technical briefing, we set up an emotional briefing thanks to a well-established methodology with different steps: specific questions (formal / informal), presentation and discussion around of references, formalization of both technical and emotional briefings...

Understanding our clients emotionally helps us developing more accurate services.

Will you be the next one to open your heart to our creativity?