WOOGIE  one year video
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We introduced WOOGIE to the world in June 2023, with the ambition of bringing fresh and wild ideas to our clients. One year later, we wanted to write the first page of our own history book.


We decided to start an introspective process involving the whole team, to measure how everyone perceived this 12 months-long (and counting!) adventure.

We gathered everyone in front of a camera, for face-to-face interviews with our in-house video director: Jérémy. With Romain, they selected the best pieces and most open-hearted sequences, to meet the only briefing given: provide an honest picture.

If we expected to hear personal experiences, failures, successes, difficulties and accomplishments, we didn’t anticipate gathering such consistent feedback.

We didn’t know everyone would actually tell the same story: “WOOGIE is about us”.

Our story is about people, talents and expertise gathered around the same table. Human beings who learn to know each other. Our experience is about the richness of diverse points of views.

It doesn’t mean everything is smooth and easy. It doesn’t mean everything runs without failure and frustration.

But it means we are obviously connected by a quest to cultivate precious interactions, necessary disagreements, crash-tested ideas, respectful relationships, and trust. It means we are building something together. It means we are writing our own story.

It means we are WOOGIE.