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Nov. 2023
Recent weeks illustrate well how our missions forces us to go beyond our job titles and skills.


If you ever plan joining us, don’t pay too much attention to the job title you will receive when starting at WOOGIE. Indeed, while we’ve been working our management structure since day 1 to ensure efficient methodology and approach, the respective daily tasks of the team may vary from one day to another.

  • Recently, some of us have turned into flower designers and movers, to pull out a set design from the ground in one day.
  • Others have travelled Europe fixing cables, cameras and sound issues to manage AV & streaming on various events, mutating into Frankenstein’s monsters between sound engineers, video directors, roadies and event producers.
  • Our devs have learned how to work with unknown technologies and fix a fucked up code because of a project we inherit from the outside world.
  • The rest of us was documenting to apprehend client’s realities and contexts to ensure relevant strategies, designs and identities.

If we need titles and management structure to get organized, if we need sharp expertise to meet clients’ expectations, what we cultivate the most at WOOGIE is the motivation and ability of getting shit done. So, we will reshuffle the planning as many time as needed, we will develop new skills, we will join forces with others, we will learn, solve, work, … but whatever happens: we will deliver with fun and pride.