Toyota Motor Europe
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The toughest thing is keeping the secret to yourself, even if you’re really proud of what you’ve accomplished.



Have you ever been assigned to a confidential mission?

Well, the fact is Seauton assigned us several secret missions for one of our most prestigious clients: Toyota Motor Europe.

Since 2021, we have been helping them with directing, shooting, and editing internal video products. We’d love to share some images and bits of the finished product, but we can’t, because that’s part of the deal.

Without revealing anything confidential, we can still share a few insights into what these missions are about:

The product?

1h30-2h content-oriented video products for internal use only, combining interviews, speaker presentations, and illustration shots.

The objective?

To present technical characteristics and innovations of new car models to internal services.

Why is it secret?

Because we are talking about models and technologies that are not yet on the market. Ssssh!

Why us?

First – Seauton is our sister company (we are part of the same group). We take pride in working with them on this and have fun doing it.

Second – we’ve got the expertise and secret weapons to support them through every step of the project: conception of exciting storylines, breathtaking set design, coordination of set up, video direction of the shoots, and editing.

Third – who never dreamed of being a secret agent?

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