The curious case of event websites
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Our methodology to develop event website in record time.



A website is generally considered central to a global online presence. A stable channel that ensures consistent and harmonized communication as opposed to more dynamic and short-term content on social media. The brand website as a brand home base, that connects the dots, in the long term. Event websites are very different. They are a short-term communication tool, with a life span of only a few weeks.

They often follow a single communication objective: drive people to your event.

They follow the same straightforward communication funnel: users get to decide why they should attend as well as practical information on the event (consideration phase). If they are interested, they register (conversion phase).

The website stays online often only for a short period of time. They are published approximately 2 months before the event and are often pulled offline one month after the event.

But what’s more special about them: they need to be developed in record time.

Between, the understanding phase and until delivery of the website, we usually have only about a month. This means it leaves only a week for understanding, another one for web designs, and a two-week sprint for development.

All in all, we develop about 40 of them every year. To deal with these constraints, we have set up a specific methodology that allows us to deliver a unique website for each project in record time without affecting quality.

Key elements of this methodology are:

  • Strong validation steps, building on each other, to avoid back and forth and changes in the plan.
  • A full stack development team manages web design and web development (frontend and backend) to ensure consistency between designs and development.
  • An easy-to-use CMS so our client has full control of the event website as of the first release to ensure a quick update process.

Hopefully, most of this methodology is still valid for the brand website and long-term projects that we deliver too, and our team is drilled and skilled to develop these for you.

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