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WOOGIE helped cecoforma organise a successful seminar on EU standards for agri-food products


The two-day event, which took place on 13-14 December 2022 at the Grand Millennium Business Bay Hotel in Dubai, aimed to help food and beverage industry professionals in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries leverage the benefits of sustainable, diverse, safe and organic food and drink from Europe.

The Brief

cecoforma had to take different parameters into consideration while organising the seminar, including the need to create an interactive event that offered networking opportunities, engaging sessions, and an immersive experience for attendees.

The organisers also wanted to ensure that the seminar was accessible to a wide audience, including those who could not attend in person.

The Solution

WOOGIE took care of the digitalisation of the seminar, creating a web platform and streaming the content during the two-day event.

They ensured that the platform was user-friendly and accessible to all attendees. WOOGIE also provided technical support throughout the event, ensuring that the sessions ran smoothly without any glitches.

The Result

Thanks to our common efforts, cecoforma & WOOGIE were able to organise a successful seminar that matched clients expectations.

The event featured expert speakers from the EU, who presented on topics such as the sustainability and safety of EU agri-food production, EU policies on food safety, animal and plant health, and food traceability, among others.

The agenda also included breakouts on specific production methods focused on organic production and business perspectives from those with first-hand experience in this exciting area.

The seminar was not just informative but also engaging, with French Chef Junior Nadje bringing the discussion to life with a cooking show and a menu featuring agri-food products from across the EU's 27 Member States. Attendees had the opportunity to sample and experience these products for themselves, giving them a deeper understanding of the EU's latest initiatives regarding sustainable and organic food.

Through this collaboration, cecoforma & WOOGIE were able to organize a successful seminar that provided valuable insights into the EU's approach to delivering safe and sustainable food. WOOGIE's expertise in digital events helped ensure that the seminar was accessible to a wide audience, including those who could not attend in person. This case study highlights how a collaborative approach to event management can help businesses achieve their goals and provide attendees with a memorable and engaging experience.

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