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Osmose is a collective that contributes to building a safer nightlife for everyone.



Osmose aims to reduce harassment, moral and physical aggression in clubs, bars, and festivals.

The collective is active inside clubs with a care and chill zone to provide support to anyone in need. They also provide training and consultancy services to nightlife actors.

Osmose had a project with a strong purpose.

But they needed to become a brand:

A brand that can be easily identified on events.
A brand to communicate with a positive approach on these difficult and heavy topics.
A brand that conveys the impact of safer nightlife could have to society.
A brand that could become a quality label recognised in the nightlife sector.
A brand that could become a symbol.

The original briefing was a little evasive. But the first meeting turned quickly into a meaningful conversation.

We talked about why nightlife is an essential balance in society. Why nightlife should be safer for everyone if we want it to remain a place of freedom? How we define safer places, and how you implement them?

We created a unique logotype, mixing rounds and angular shapes, that refers to engraved lettering techniques. A bit like the marks on toilet doors that have been marked by all that has passed in need of expressing something during a short pause in a long night.

We combined this unique logotype with two fonts that combine both strength and delicacy, to convey these powerful and loving messages.

Then, we wanted to mix vivid colors and textures. As a praise to diversity and joy. So we brought gradients, textures, and quite a wide color scheme.

Osmose wanted to communicate on a single channel: Instagram. So we helped them frame their messages in a content calendar and applied the branding we created into social media posts.

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