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Branding missions are centered on our clients’ activities. It becomes thrilling and challenging when they introduce themselves with the sentence “we can do everything, there is no boundaries”


Branding missions are often centered on our clients’ activities. It therefore becomes particularly thrilling and challenging when they introduce themselves with the sentence “we can do everything - there is no boundaries”.

During branding processes, first meetings with clients are always determinant and this one was no exception. Let’s do a short throwback through the experience.

The more we discuss, the more it becomes obvious “we can do everything - there is no boundaries” is not a formula, they can literally do everything. Indeed, our interlocutor explains us with passion the various projects they have been working over the past years and it goes in all directions: building a flight simulator, IT/AV rental and installation, cyber security mission, CNC and laser cut projects…

We have in front of us a kind of mad scientist, excited to deliver any project that involves creativity, problem solving and crafting. It is sometimes hard to follow: projects and ambitions are presented with passion and enthusiasm, technical details of the solutions are interesting but hard to understand.

If we don’t seize all details of the explanations, it becomes pretty obvious that what interests our interlocutor are not the problems or the solutions as such. What’s exciting is the solving process. What’s satisfying is forging the solution. What adds value is employing craftsmanship to solve the puzzle at hand.

At the end of the meeting, we briefly evoke an emotional connection with Sweden, for familial reasons. It seems there is an attachment to the country, its nature, its rudeness.

The meeting ends and it’s our turn to face a puzzle to solve.

These discussions always need a bit of temporization, before being able to make an appropriate branding proposal. Every time we meet a new context, expertise, personality, and we need time to apprehend this reality.

But it seems that we have all been hooked but the ideas of forging & crafting and reception to the intimate link with Sweden.

And then suddenly, everything became obvious. We discussed about forging, about metal, about Ironman, about Sweden… and we found JÄRN – the Swedish name for iron. The next steps followed smoothly: a bold typography with a twist, strong colors and a powerful tagline: “Forging excellence and crafting dreams”.

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