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In 2020, we assisted Cecoforma and its clients from the European Commission in the digitalisation of some of their flagship events.



From digital to hybrid

We helped them to shift from physical to digital in the space of 3 months, organising our first events with the ENI contract.
We then transformed the largest EU Event on Education into a successful hybrid event attended by thousands of people from all EU member states and extra partner countries.

We faced multiple challenges:

  • Reinventing 20 years of business in 3 months during a full lockdown
  • Finding the best available technical solutions, and where needed we developed our own solutions.
  • Working with non-mature applications/software in constant evolution
  • Convincing clients and partners of the importance of digitilisation
  • Training speakers on how to use the solutions and tools we developed.

The organisers were so satisfied with the digital component of this event they decided they would not go back to physical or hybrid format for the following editions.

By 2021, we had a sufficiently mature knowledge of our digital tools to transpose this know-how to the hybrid world.

Here again, we were up for a challenge: we participated in the creation of the first large-scale hybrid event in Brussels for European institutions.

The challenges had evolved:

  • Helping clients maximise the opportunities offered by hybridization
  • Creating a program that catered to both physical and digital audiences
  • Creating highly attractive visual content to engage online audience

And now in 2022, all 3 solutions (physical, digital, hybrid) are mature. Through unbridled imagination and true resilience, we have provided creative solutions for our clients and have become the leader in terms of hybrid & digital events in Europe. We now have the wherewithal to provide high-value services in these three domains. The game today is to understand and frame our client's objectives and understand their realities and their audience's expectations to build a unique and tailor-made combo. So, the real question is: what are your objectives? We’ll help you find a solution to optimize the impact of your event.

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