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Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe
May 2023
L’Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe tasked us to produce an attractive corporate video promoting their mission and offer.


We are extremely proud of our recent collaboration with l’Alliance Française Bruxelles -Europe and the production of their corporate video.

L’Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe, is part of the network Alliance Française, the world’s largest cultural network, gathering more than 800 entities in the world. The video promotes the educative approach and the cursus offer via testimonials of the staff, teachers and learners. L’Alliance Française also asked us to showcase some digital resources available for the learners.

Corporate videos are always a great experiment for our team: it forces us to jump into our clients’ reality and understand they needs and what’s special about them.

What stroke us at Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe was the human-centred learning process they developed. Wherever you come from and whatever languages you speak, you learn French by sharing your experience and your cultural background. Therefore, l’Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe becomes much more than a learning center: it is a social experiment where multiculturality becomes a vector to learn French and get familiar with French culture.

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