A conference room in L42
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L42 business centre
September 2023
We developed a low-tech, versatile and efficient solution for the digitalisation of events at L42.


As the vast majority of conference centres in the world, L42 (Brussels) needed to upgrade its technical services and offer hybrid and digital solutions.

Since 2020, L42 has been collaborating with various technical partners (including us) for setting up ad hoc technical set up for each request. Despite fruitful collaborations, we propose them to investigate on the behalf for a tailored, simple but versatile solution.

The objectives was simple : being able to cover 95% of the hybrid/digital configuration with an in-house set up, that could be operated by a single person, and that we could set up in a couple of hours max.

We spent several hours in our cave, plugging and unplugging cables, testing robotic cameras and sound-system and we ended up with an optimized set up for them:

  • Low tech - to simplify installation/maintenance and operability,
  • Compact - so it fits on one table and can be stored in a smell storage room,
  • Sharp and didactic documentation - so clients see clearly what’s possible and what’s not,
  • Technical support and speakers’ training from our staff - to organise the event in the best conditions.

The system is in place since September 2023 and we deliver approximately 1 event a week, signs that appropriate and well-sized solutions can generate business.

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